Weezer - Milwaukee, WI

As the storms for the day settled down and the skies cleared, many fans were able to attend another sold-out show at Milwaukee’s well-known venue, The Rave. This was not just any ordinary show, Weezer was headlining and the craving for some classic songs was in the air. Before the set started, it was clear how excited the crowd was, even security looked thrilled. People were already singing songs out loud just in the echoes of the crowd as the stage got set up. It was pretty obvious from the start that the crowd was ready for another Weezer set.

Opening up with two fan favorites off the bat, “Buddy Holly” and “Beverly Hills”. The set was off to a great start and the sing-along basically never ended. Vocalist and guitarist, Rivers Cuomo, was interacting with the crowd almost every other song, making a lot of fans up close go nuts. Halfway through their set, Cuomo made his way up into one of the balconies to perform “Island In The Sun” and it was definitely a unique experience. Nearly everyone in the venue was singing along with phone lights and lighters in the air. The energy in the room was uplifting and the appreciation for what live music can do was also present. Weezer finished their set with an encore, “Say It Ain’t So” and the sing-along for this song only made it clear why it was their last song. The crowd and Weezer walked away with both smiles and screams. It was a perfect Friday night to be at The Rave.


Photos & words by Tony Truty