Vein and Sanction - Milwaukee

Despite traffic from Chicago to Milwaukee, with some good timing and near luck, there was just enough time to catch Sanction and Vein. With tickets selling out, nearly 200 people were fortunate enough to witness two of the more chaotic sets to hit the area this fall. Sanction opening with fans doing somersaults and cartwheels. As many people were moshing and losing their minds. Many were sharing the mic with David Blom, vocalist of Sanction. Ending with one of their more popular songs, sixhundredthirtyone, this heavy-hitting energy transferred over to Vein shortly after.

With a very quick set change, Vein seemed to be playing in a matter of minutes. The room went from a dramatic sample of what seemed to be a cartoon, a long moment of silence, and then just opening with complete mayhem. The set was full of everyone in the room not only screaming along, but it was near impossible to not be amazed by the energy. Every member was moving, throwing their guitars in the air, and enjoying their music to the fullest extent. Even members of Sanction were sharing the mic and joining the crowd. It was near impossible to stand still. It was definitely a unique set to see, and it will definitely be a show to remember. Sanction and Vein are two bands to watch out for, their energy stands out like no other.