Underoath - Los Angeles

The Erase Me tour hit Los Angeles and at the right time as well, fall tour season has kicked off and this tour is a must-see. This 4 band lineup takes the perfect amount of time and kept the crowd moving and alive throughout the entire show. The show began with The Plot in You, who I’d only ever heard of in passing, and they showed up to party. The crowd that had trickled in so far was going nuts. Next was Crown The Empire, a definite middle school guilty pleasure. Each time I see them they’re like a whole new band, throwing so much energy and passion into songs they’ve been playing for years. The third was Dance Gavin Dance, a band with an incredibly insane audience and fanbase. I couldn’t tell what was more entertaining, the crowd’s reactions or the band on stage (spoiler alert, it was the band.) Finally, Underoath was on, and that’s really when the fun began. If you’ve never seen a room jump in sync you’re truly missing out. The way they controlled the energy and tone of the room was truly incredible, and it isn't surprising coming from a band of that age and maturity. Overall I think this tour package was incredible and if you’re thinking about going, I definitely would.