Trophy Eyes "The American Dream" Review

Australian punk rock band, Trophy Eyes, released their first full length effort since Chemical Miracle in 2016. It is evident that they put a lot of time and consideration into their junior album, The American Dream. It features punchy, heart-wrenching songs just as their previous releases, but in a new way.

Lyrically, frontman Jon Floreani touches on issues such as mental health, the media, and relationships. Approaching these topics can be tricky, but Trophy Eyes managed to make it identifiable, and not overbearing. For example, the album-opener, “Autumn” talks about being unsure of life’s meaning. “I’m still figuring out what I’m doing here,” Floreani sings. From start to finish The American Dream presents how personal hardships are dealt with, specifically by people with mental illnesses.

Instrumentally, the album is very diverse. Trophy Eyes offered listeners a smooth, yet sturdy soundtrack with this release. It is considerably “lighter,” or “softer” sounding than the band’s earlier releases. There are still the exciting, scream-along-with, songs, but its tone is not as persistent. Specifically, “A Cotton Candy Sky,” “Tip Toe,” and “A Symphony of Crickets” are the most muted songs in terms of sound.

If you really listen you can find the deeper meaning in each song. Some are easier than others. Namely, “Broken” visibly talks about being hurt and defeated, but not letting anyone see that. A song that is slightly less straightforward is “More Like You”  Floreani sings, “Everyone’s got something they wish that they could change, and I spent my whole life trying to be more like you, less like me.” This song highlights about how today’s culture strives to be like the people that are highlighted in the media. This song truly captures the feelings represented in The American Dream.  If I had to choose one song to represent this album it would be this single.

Overall, The only downside of this album is that it pushes the barriers of Trophy Eyes’ sound we are all used to. This is not necessarily a problem, but old fans may find themselves listening too hard for Trophy Eyes’ classic sound. Following the release of The American Dream on August 3rd, the band will headline a North American tour starting in early September.

By Allie Loven