Trophy Eyes - Chicago, IL

As the blistering cold fell over Chicago for the night, Hot Mulligan started heating things up inside a sold-out Bottom Lounge. Between crowd surfers, mosh pits and the sheer amount of fans screaming lyrics, it’s hard to believe the band is from Michigan, not Chicago.

The five-band bill had a lineup reminiscent of Warped Tour, and for a couple hours, I forgot about the cold outside. Can’t Swim brought the heavy basslines and grunge. Microwave had everyone thinking about love. Seaway’s set was a full-on pop punk dance party.

By the time Trophy Eyes took the stage to close out the night, the crowd was still packed and restless. Crowd surfers started strong as the band opened with “You Can Count On Me” and didn’t stop for most of the energy packed set.

Photos & Review by Meagan Sullivan