Tiny Kingdoms | "Tides" Review

TK Tides Cover.jpg

Chicago-based pop-rock outfit Tiny Kingdoms is about to take a massive leap in their musical creative journey with the release of their latest single, “Tides”. Presenting a newly constructed soundscape since “Space Camp / Cadets” (released earlier this year), the band showcases a more refined and pop-centric sound that is sure to turn heads.

From its initial moments, “Tides” does everything in its ability to lure the listener into a serene pop dreamscape. The band wastes no time in doing this, as the song begins with bouncy rhythms and a soaring guitar lead. The chorus arrives shortly after and proves to be one of the largest hooks in the band’s catalog. The song finally explodes around the 2:30 minute mark, ending with some vocal acrobatics by Nico Miura and massive chords that send the track out on a high note.