The Faim "Summer Is A Curse" Review


To all of us grown-up emo kids, this is a PSA: there are bands other than Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco to fill your little heart with music. Yes, I dare say, even bands that are better. This newcomer right out of Perth, Australia fits the bill and is dropping an EP that will rock your socks off TODAY. Not two months from now, but today. The Faim’s “Summer Is A Curse” EP drops today with 6 tracks to prelude their full-length album anticipated to come in 2019, and the songs are noteworthy enough to add to your personal playlist immediately. Now I know I started this review off with a bold statement, but stay with me on this one and give these boys a listen yourself and you’ll understand why.

This five-piece has worked with the god himself, John Feldmann, and several of your favorite artists to create the songs that pop up on this EP, which is one key to how masterful this EP is and just gives a little taste of what to expect in their full-length. The title track of this EP, Summer Is A Curse is a powerful opener that could pass as a top 40 track. It reminisces something that would play on repeat while you drive down a highway with your windows rolled down jamming a little too hard for someone driving. It takes me back to when 5 Seconds of Summer first showed up on American radio stations and it was something new that opened my musical palette to new avenues. Summer Is A Curse is actually not my favorite track on the EP, though. When you listen to this EP, you better not skip My Heart Needs To Breathe. This song spans all of the genres that I have been jamming more often and the vocalist, Josh Raven, shows all his skill in this one track alone. That and the fact that all songs on this EP are unique from each other makes a very concise and universally appealing package as it has something to please everyone. 

The Faim, as a newcomer, is doing incredible for themselves and they are already killing the game with singles filling their Spotify profile and a touring history that includes a sold-out headlining show and sharing the stage with emo alumni Sleeping With Sirens and the beautiful PVRIS. The hooks are catchy, the songwriting is creative and caters to the anthems that these guys put out for their fans. I may review several albums and EPs this year, but I honestly believe this will end up being my favorite newcomer to come across. Check out their EP “Summer Is A Curse” on your favorite streaming service, or purchase directly from iTunes. Make sure to check out their Facebook page here as well and let them know how much you love this EP (let’s be real, you love it).

By Summer Hartley