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Sad Summer Fest | Milwaukee, WI

The Sad Summer Festival wasn’t all that sad. The fest made its way to The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. Many people are saying this new touring festival is in attempt to replace Vans Warped Tour, but I would challenge that comparison. The two festivals are quite different; both are amazing, but not the same! At Sad Summer Fest there is no worry about overlapping sets; so you don’t have to choose between the bands. Instead, you get to watch them all since there is only one stage.

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The Wonder Years - Washington DC

Every so often, a band comes around that understands the dynamic of a live show better than just about anyone. From the quality of light design to the energy on stage, to the connection to the crowd, and even the choice of support acts - everything comes together for an experience that nobody in attendance is soon to forget. For the last decade, The Wonder Years have spent their time honing their live experience into something that borders on spiritual. Seeing them perform for the first time in Washington, DC at the historic Howard Theatre was no exception. The show was intimate, the energy was high, and it was everything I’ve come to expect from The Wonder Years in a live setting.

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