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State Champs - Chicago, IL

State Champs kicked off their Living Proof tour with a sold-out show alongside Our Last Night, The Dangerous Summer, and Grayscale at House Of Blues in Chicago, IL on March 1st, 2018.

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Vans Warped Tour - Chicago & Milwaukee

In a way it sort of felt like graduation, a celebration of all that was despite an underlying sadness that it was ending at all. Warped Tour is so much more than a traveling tour; whether you had the chance to experience it firsthand or not there's no doubt that it has its own community and has been for years. In a world where it can feel like our differences tear us apart there's something to be said about the way music and art can bring so many together despite all of that.

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State Champs - "Living Proof" Review

A recurring claim within the pop-punk scene today is that bands are losing sight of the music that they used to make, or that they have moved in a different direction than was anticipated or desired by fans. Albany natives State Champs’ third full-length album, Living Proof, sets out to respond to that remark, showing that a band is capable of pushing the boundaries of their sound, while still remaining true to their roots.

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