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William Ryan Key "Virtue" Review

Virtue, the sophomore EP from former Yellowcard vocalist William Ryan Key, showcases the songwriting chops of a seasoned veteran, while still bringing about a new approach and fresh vibe to a familiar voice. There are trademark elements of Key’s songwriting present, such as his ability to write melodies that get stuck inside one’s head. Those melodies are now present atop tranquil, emotion-driven compositions with minimal instrumentation, as opposed to the summer anthems with fast guitars and pounding drums that one has come to expect from Key.

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Justin Courtney Pierre - Chicago, IL

On Thursday, November 1st, Justin Courtney Pierre took the stage for the first time as a solo act at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL. Fresh off the release of his debut solo record In the Drink, Pierre was very honest and open with the crowd about his nerves and anxiety as he began a new chapter in his musical career right in front of hundreds of people.

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Justin Courtney Pierre "In the Drink" Review

In the Drink, the debut solo effort from former Motion City Soundtrack vocalist Justin Courtney Pierre, focuses on all the trademarks that make his songwriting unique and special, while also introducing elements and ideas unexplored in his previous musical endeavors. The record can be upbeat and pop-influenced, it can take darker and moodier turns at times, all while maintaining a cohesive feel and energy that is instantly recognizable as Justin Courtney Pierre.

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