Sworn In - JJ's

Another hot summer day in The Midwest as people head to JJ’s for another show in the famous Wisconsin basement. But this was not just any ordinary show, a lot of people’s favorite EP was going to be performed in full for the first time in years. Tickets sold out in less than fifteen minutes and it’s no shocker why. Sworn In announced the remastered version of their First EP, Start/End. Along with this announcement came the news of the band’s old line up, an upcoming tour with For The Fallen Dreams, and a kick-off show at JJ’s. The kick-off show being special as is, Sworn In was not the only band from Chicago coming back. Barrier announced they would be also playing the show with original Vocalist, Colin. The basement was a madhouse and a sauna all in one. It was near impossible to not take a hit during this show or to not break a sweat. Rooks made a guest appearance before the final sets, bringing the perfect amount of energy for old Barrier and Sworn In. With mic grabs, crowd killing, and just absolute mayhem. This show was not one to miss, and it was definitely one most will never forget. 

By Tony Truty