Swanfest - Los Angeles

Dance Gavin Dance hosted their first ever "Swanfest" on March 30th, 2019. Fans from all around the world came to experience their favorite band's toe-dip into the festival circuit, and it paid off. Overall the experience was incredibly fun and positive. Lineup-wise it was incredibly stacked, featuring bands in the "Swancore" umbrella and other scene hits. It felt incredibly cohesive with all the bands complimenting each other. Personal favorite sets were from Sianvar, Hail The Sun, Covet and Periphery. All four had an incredible grip on the crowd and wouldn't let go, regardless if they played first or last. In a whole other league was Dance Gavin Dance, a band that fully knows their audience. Their setlist was bright and fun, full of absolute bangers while slipping in some unexpected favorites that don't usually get played. Those kept the crowd young even at the end of an incredibly long day. I fully expect this festival to come back next year and even extend dates outside of California.