Still World "Dark Days" Premiere

“Dark Days,” the debut single from Chicago based metalcore act Still World, establishes the band as a heavy hitting up-and-comer within the metal and punk scene right from the first note. This should come as no surprise, as members of the band are veterans of the scene, using their previous experiences and knowledge to catapult this new project forward in a very refined and impactful way.

A brief ominous and moody intro throws itself right into a wall of guitars and the aggressive, emotive vocals of frontman Scott Kelly. These vocals are a particular high point of the track, with the anger, aggression, and frustration presented in the lyrics being showcased very well in the delivery of the vocals. There is no shortage of double kick patterns, chugging guitars, and all the trademarks of a song that was conceived with the mosh pit in mind.

The tune cleans up for a brief period with a slightly more open and optimistic bridge, with guitarist Dan Vallejo singing “some way, somehow we can make it out alive,” before Scott’s menacing and taunting screams interject, sending the song into its final seconds full of panic and franticness.

The music video highlights the aforementioned feelings of aggression and panic, with the band performing as the camera takes sharp turns and violent jerks at key moments during the song.

Still World are poised to release new music this coming fall.


By Trevor Hancock