SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Chicago

As people started to gather at Burlington Bar on a Monday night, it was exciting to see a good turn out for a show that was not all ages. With another up and coming band playing, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, it’s no shocker some people went out of their way to attend. Even before the headliner played, all the opening acts got the attention they deserved. Local band, Bird Law, opened with a short but heavy hitting set to start the night. Bird Law’s mix of intense vocals with punching instrumentals made for a really solid performance.

Shortly after, Thisishowitendedintokyo (This-is-how-it-ended-in-Tokyo) played a very unique set. From a unique pitch in vocals, a mix between screams and whispers, and all band members interacting, this was a performance that stood out. It was near impossible to not be amused by the band’s performance. As many people were heavily focussed on the band’s mix of unique sound, many were also caught by the vibrant energy coming from all members. To give a clearer picture, the vocalist of the band jumped into the drumset at the end of the last song.

After moving lights around, and some sound difficulties before the set, meth came to the stage with a very eerie and dark presence. With the room being near pitch black and a hint of red lighting surrounding the band, meth had brought a completely new setting to the venue. With a mixture of the band’s vocals, lighting, and chaotic sound, it was clear to say the set was intense from start to finish. With a dark name, haunting stage presence, and intense sound, it’s clear to say meth’s attributes as a band all go in hand in hand.

With SeeYouSpaceCowboy closing up the night, they were on stage in what seemed like a matter of minutes. The set was short, but it was a perfect way to wrap up the night. With guitars being thrown up and around constantly, this set was extremely fun to watch. Many fans in the crowd were losing their minds, and even some were lucky enough to share the mic and scream. The band’s use of dissonant chords are unlike many bands today, their sound sticks out more than most, making for a really catching sound. Missing this band next time they’re in town is almost not an option.