Save Face & Jetty Bones - Orlando

Anyone that has ever asked me about music will hear me rave about Save Face until my face is blue and even recommend what order they should listen in order to get the best experience possible (for the record it’s Merci, Folly, and then Folly on the Rocks). They’re great on record, they’re phenomenal live, and they are genuinely good people that love Spongebob in its purest form.

Coming off of the high from releasing their first full-length album, Merci, Save Face, Jetty Bones, and The Dangerous Summer hit the road to support The Early November. Save Face opened up the show playing hits from both Merci and Folly, and in the blink of an eye, full band Jetty Bones was in their place performing in Orlando for only the second time ever. Kelc and RB lit up the stage with energy and performed songs from the EPs Crucial States and Old Women as well as “Bringing It Up” and another new secret song that’s not yet released on Spotify.

In all honesty, the show could have ended with them and I would have been totally content.

The Dangerous Summer performed songs off of all of their albums including their recent self-titled release. They’re one of those rare bands that sounds just as good on record as they do live.

The Early November was a new band for me to experience and they did not disappoint. The next day I listened to their top 5 hits about 10 times each to get a feel of how much I would like them on record (spoiler: they’re great!)