Rob Jamner "Through a Windowpane" Premiere

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Charm Mag is excited to premiere Rob Jamner's heartbreakingly relatable new tune, "Through a Windowpane." For fans of The Shins, this single comes off his upcoming EP release Holding Stones and follows the release of "Eventually" , "Never Again" , and "Tapestry". With upbeat instrumentals and Rob's soaring vocals, "Through a Windowpane" is the perfect anthem for anyone who has experienced a long-distance relationship in the digital age. Proving itself to be diverse, this is the song you sing on your bed when you've just been broken up with, as well as the song you play while writing poetry. It's incredibly diverse and tender to listen to.

Speaking about the song, Jamner says, “Through a Windowpane” is a song about maintaining a long-distance relationship in the age of the iPhone. Although things like texting and FaceTime are supposed to bring us closer together, there is always that glass screen between us, and sometimes it just reminds us how far apart we are. My partner and I spent two years long-distance, and although I wrote the song after we had moved in together, I still had plenty of angst to pour into the lyrics. It’s definitely one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever written, which is no accident: sometimes we just have to dance away the feelings."

Keep an eye out for the entire EP, coming February 22nd, 2019.

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