Rematch Release Debut Single "Chicago"

Photo by Jenna Whalen

Photo by Jenna Whalen

Chicago local's, Rematch, release their debut single, Chicago. After forming in December, they spent the following months hard at work writing and working on the behind the scenes parts of being in a band and are now really excited to be able to show you what they've been working on.

"Chicago was a tough song to write because it deals with being a part of something and someone and being ripped away from it even though you thought it would last a lifetime, feeling stupid that you wasted all this time on a particular thing or person for it to blow up in your face and not turn out for you in the end. The best way I can describe it is almost not feeling sad but being mad at yourself for giving so much of yourself and stretching so far for a relationship (whether that be a band, a girlfriend, a friend or relative) who ultimately would leave you hanging in the end. 

On a a lighter note, we know that things suck and life sucks, but you just have to see past that and understand that there are good things too, and always try surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, because they are out there." 

Rematch consists of Alex Vito, Charlie Harris, Mike Stranczek, Josh Cosentino, and Jake Newling.