Marina's Trench - Chicago, IL

As they were coming to the close of their Suspending Gravity Tour, Mariana’s Trench made a stop at the House of Blues in Chicago, IL. Scott Helman took the stage first as a killer opener. This indie pop band got the crowd moving early. 

Suddenly a mysterious video started and smoke  covered the stage. Fans from 15 to 30 covered the room. Unsurprisingly, everyone was going wild ready for the band to come out. Finally, Mariana’s Trench came on. They opened with “Eleonora”, the first song off their most recent album Phantoms. 

Both bands were very interactive with the crowd. Everyone from the front of the back of the venue was dancing along. As the night went on the fans didn’t die down. This night was definitely one you could never forget. There was not one dull moment throughout the show. I have never seen a stage presence like this before. 

Allie LovenComment