Like Pacific “In Spite Of Me” Album Review

Like Pacific blew the scene apart with their debut full-length album Distant Like You Asked a little over 2 years ago, and now they have brought their sophomore album to the table and it couldn’t be better. The Toronto-based pop-punk band brings raw lyrics and intense tunes to the table with In Spite Of Me, which reflects the same Like Pacific you know and love while still feeling even more coherent as a whole than their debut. The album features 10 tracks that include the title track “In Spite Of Me”, as well as tracks such as “The Spring”, “Something Missing”, and “Occupy Your Skin” to send this album to the stars and hold their title as being one of the best pop-punk bands to rise up in recent years.

Like Pacific’s second full-length journeys into more raw territory with each passing line of lyrics. The introduction to this journey is the title track, which marks the album with lines such as ‘Buried to my knees / I hope you find some sort of peace in spite of me” and the entire bridge to illustrate just how hitting this album will be to the hearts of their fans, new and old. In Spite Of Me delivers narratives that span great lengths and can apply to anyone who has done you wrong or broken you down. Vocalist Jordan Black doesn’t hold back from start to finish, always giving it all and making the listening feel the lyrics in their soul. The way that he screams “How did I do you wrong?” in the intro to “Had It Coming” gives me chills every time and conveys the attitude of the whole track before you’re even 10 seconds in. Every song has an introduction that draws you in for the ride, making the album hard to put down if you have it on repeat. The album is textbook pop-punk while still standing out amongst the crowd of Warped Tour bands alike in their own unique way.

I personally never thought I could like a pop-punk band or album this much until I came across Like Pacific 3 years ago with the release of their self-titled EP, and their growth over those three years is astounding. The mixes are perfect, the lyrics and hard-hitting and coherent, and the instrumentation really pulls you in. If you were a fan of Polar Bear Club’s Death Chorus back but also love the gritty style of pop-punk bands today, you’re going to love In Spite Of Me, hopefully as much as I have.

Like Pacific is due to release In Spite Of Me on July 27th through Pure Noise Records. Support the band and purchase the album and any merch here.

By Summer Hartley