Knocked Loose - Bloomington, IL

Knocked Loose brought their spring tour to The Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL, accompanied by The Acacia Strain, Harm's Way, Sanction, and Higher Power. As well as local support, Life's Question.

Despite the venues no moshing rule, Life's Question got the night started off strong. Fans seemed hesitant at first, trying to follow the venue rules, but a handful of pits opened as the set went on.

As Sanction hit the stage, the crowd started to pick up even more as the vocalist, Mike, encouraged more and more crowd movement through the set.

Higher Power hitting the stage all the way from the UK joining in hyping up the energy from Sanction, with all the band members just truly rocking out on the stage. Trying to involve the crowd to get them moving with their fast pace and aggressive beats.

Moving into Harm’s Way, it just felt like the front of the venue by the stage just got more crowded getting ready for the last three bands to play. Harm’s Way had the crowd pushing each other in the front and started to get the crowd riled up.

Second to last, The Acacia Strain and you could just feel the energy the crowd was holding once they got on stage. As they played, it got so hot in the front row which had everyone sweating while they started to knock people into each other.

Finally, it was Knocked Loose. When they first hit the stage, the crowd was at its full potential. Everyone in the front was just about smashed against the stage with everyone pushing each other. They truly involved the crowd all of their set, telling the crowd to open three different mosh pits in this divided venue. The band had just dropped a new single called “Mistakes Like Fractures” on April 4, 2019, which they played that night.

Overall, it was a progressive night with the crowd from band to band; I highly recommend if you haven’t seen these bands yet to find the closest date by you.