Jase & Stace Interview

New York Soul Rock duo Jase & Stace talked with us about their origins, their new single “If I Could”, and their plans for the future.


Q: So tell me how you guys got started in music together!


Jason: We met through a mutual friend who was coming to see myself and some other people play. Eventually, Stace and I ended up a neo-soul kind of funk band together. She was singing backgrounds and I was playing drums. I always thought she was a really good singer and musician. I also knew she played the saxophone, but I had never seen her play. I could tell that she was super talented, even though she was just singing background. Eventually, we became really good friends. And I think I was the one who asked if you wanted to start a band together?


Stacy: Yeah, I think so. We decided to get together and start our own duo project where we would write together. And we also discovered we’re both from Wisconsin, but we didn’t know each other in Wisconsin.


Q: Oh wow, like the same area of Wisconsin?


Jason: Kind of. We’ve been saying my mom might have helped deliver Stacy. Cause my mom was a nurse in the same hospital where Stacy was born! So we keep thinking that maybe my mom touched Stacy when she was a little baby.


Q: So tell me about the type of music that you guys make!


Jason: “It’s a different kind of throwback. It kind of sounds like it’s in the 70’s. Stace and I both listen to lots of music from the 70’s. Soul rock would be a generic name for it, sort of a bluesy soul rock. So with all the tunes right now, we’re trading verses. Doing that sort of Marvyn Gaye, Tammi Terrell thing that was happening in the 60’s


Q: Who would you say your influences are?


Stacy: “I grew up with classic rock and blues and that sort of thing. I would say, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and some of those heavier rock bands that were equally influenced by blues music.


Jason: “And my influences are more Marvyn Gaye, Ray Charles, Al Green, Led Zeppelin, and James Brown.


Stacy: “A little funkier!”


Q: What is it about your group that makes you stand out?


Jason: “I would say the vocals. Stacy’s such a great singer and a great harmonizer. Especially on our new stuff that's coming out soon, the background vocals are pretty awesome. And then also just the fact that there are two lead vocalists, and we’re trading verses.


Stacy: “Yeah, and in all of our tunes, it’s us working together sonically. You can hear us working together. There aren’t any songs of just Jason singing


Q: So let’s dive into your newest single “If I Could”. How about you just talk about what that song means.


Stacy: “So this one, we came up with a year ago or something like that. We were chatting about these toxic relationships we had been in.


Jason: “Where you get away from the relationship, and then you’re pulled back.


Stacy: “Yeah, just a mixture of our past experiences.”


Jason: “It’s a very 60’s sounding progression. It kind of puts a time stamp on it a bit. Until you get to the outro which is way more vibey.


Stacy: “This one has that throwback quality, but it’s also current.”


Q:  So since this was the first song you wrote together, how have you evolved since this song?


Stacy: “A couple of the songs are a little out there, to be honest. Like we have one about going to a circus. They’re definitely not all about love and relationships.


Jason: “Some are a little bit silly. And one is about our current political climate.”


Q: So what are you working on after this single release?


Jason: “We’re going to have songs mixed that we recorded. We have a couple of new songs that we’re in the process of writing right now that we’re recording. We kind of want to push and do more live performances. Which we have done, but we have been focused on the recording.”


Stacy: “Yeah and with the live performance, we’re working on the configuration of our band a bit, too. We have the duo setup, but we’ve also thought about adding.”


Jason: “As far as live performances, I think it’d be a bit easier musically if we had another member just holding down the bottom.