Hands Like Houses - San Diego, CA

The Anon US tour arrived in San Diego on December 8th, rocking the Irenic up and down. This venue is known for its small crowds and lack of energy, but they definitely broke the stereotype here. First up is Southern California locals, Arlington, who brought a solemn but energetic energy to the stage. This band brought some incredible stage presence and being just a three-piece works to their advantage, having more space to move around. Next were Devour The Day, probably the heaviest band on the bill. They brought the crowd up intensely, and also being a three-piece helped with their intense movement. Next was Emarosa, who had a full crowd of people singing back to them. By this point anticipation was high and Emarosa really held their own. Finally came on Hands Like Houses, who fill up the small stage. Their set was full of new songs and throwbacks, and it was really nice to finally hear the new songs live. In between songs, Trenton Woodley thanked the audience for showing up and embracing the new music. Overall, it was a very energetic and fun set. I would love to revisit each artist again and again.