Grayscale | Chicago, IL

As Grayscale is coming to a close of their Nella Vita tour they made a stop at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois. Thirty minutes before the show’s start there was a line out the door wrapping around the sidewalk. The venue started to fill quickly as fans were waiting in anticipation for the bands to take the stage. The first band that performed was Rich People, an alternative rock band from Pennsylvania. I personally was excited to see them the most because they have only visited the area once prior and I was unable to attend. I was unaware of how many people were also fans of the small PA band until they informed us that Chicago is their top city of listeners. I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout that early in the night. Following Rich People, Canadian band Bearings was up, the crowd was even more intrigued by their set. By the end of Bearing’s performance, the venue was almost filled. There was barely any open room left in the 700 person cap room. By the time the next act started tuning everyone was packing in tight inching towards the barrier. My assumption was that Grayscale fans were just doing this in an attempt to get closer before they went on, but in hindsight, I believe the crowd was packed full for Chicago native band Belmont. They had just sold out this venue a couple of months prior, and a few months after they did it again. Chicago pop-punk fans were ready to go wild in the crowd, and they did not disappoint. There was an amazing turnout for not only the three supporting acts but most importantly for Grayscale’s Nella Vita album release tour. As the main band took stage people expressed their support through their loud cheering and big smiles. Chicago crowds never disappoint and this is a prime example proving this statement.

Photos & Review by Allie Loven