Frank Iero "Barriers" Review


Barriers is a new record out by Frank Iero and The Future Violents with UNFD. The album really emits a 90s punk and post-hardcore vibe, and it feels incredibly nostalgic to listening to My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday in your bedroom after a hard day in 7th grade. While also pushing a perfect maturity from those projects and era. This is the third installation of the “Frank Iero and…” project, recorded and mixed by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Cheap Trick, Ty Segall.) This is also the first album released since the band’s near death bus crash in Australia, and the feeling of life being so temporary yet understanding they still have a place in this universe, and taking advantage of the time they have is so incredibly important.

This album brings a lot of chaos into a music world that’s so incredibly clean right now. Personal favorite “Medicine Square Garden” incites an incredibly rebellious vibe that makes you want to call up your state representatives and scream your worries. Opener “A New Day’s Coming” and closer “24k Lush” are incredibly perfect in their places, acting as sunrise and sunset for an incredibly well-done album. This album tells a passion-filled story and fits into no one’s mold, and that’s why its such a perfect album for 2019. Pick this album up and see Frank Iero and The Future Violents when they come to a city near you.