Every Time I Die - Chicago, IL

With the mass amount of tours coming to the Chicago area this winter, Every Time I Die’s Celebrating 20 Years of Bullshit was definitely not one to miss. If you had somewhere important to be, not too sure it was as important as catching every set on this bill.

Vein opening up for the night brought a very eerie approach to the stage. For most of their set, the stage was dark with hints of color. Focusing mainly on red and blue, calling for a really interesting set if you’re familiar with Vein’s aesthetic. The set was with filled with chaotic samples, vocals replicating cries of agony, and energy that sticks out immensely. Vein definitely sticks out and continues to punch through the vicious cycle of touring which they've been doing for what feels like years.

Angel Dust comes up shortly after bringing a completely different twist to the stage. While Vein was more in your face and on the darker side, Angel Dust brought a much more positive and jumpy feel. While lighting for the stage helped support this immensely compared to the set prior, Angel Dust’s vocalist spent the entire set jumping around, hopping in the crowd, and sharing the microphone with fans. Time may have not been on the band’s side, as it felt like they played only a few songs. But within those songs, they stood out. They stood out and opened up the stage properly for a band many Angel Dust fans are familiar with, Turnstile.

With energy and sound similar to Angel Dust, but yet very different and distinct in their own way. Turnstile came to the stage with a very reversed and chaotic feel. With the band bouncing around the stage, fans losing their minds, and even security shaking their head to the band’s lively sound. It was important to catch such a unique set that stood out compared to Every Time I Die’s more heavy punching sound to come right after. As well as some might even compare the energy between the two bands. With a solid performance from start to finish, Turnstile did not leave fans disappointed.

Last but not least, the grand finale, what everyone had been waiting for, Every Time I Die. This set was insane from start to finish, and I truly mean that. With photographers being allowed to photograph during the first three songs for each set, Every Time I Die’s crowd reaction being so extreme called the three songs to get cut short. Not only was the crowd reaction worth taking note of, but the band was also absolutely losing it. Almost hard to believe a band that’s been around for 20 years has energy like so. The energy was only illuminated with a yellow glow coming from the stage throughout the set. A quality set as a whole, but truly a sight to see for an Every Time I Die fan. Metro hosting such an energetic, vibrant, and hectic tour package was definitely a treat for the Chicago area and all the fans who attended.