Cocoa Greene “Semantic Sensation” Single Review

There are certain sounds within music that transcend the expectation of “what’s in” and what’s not and Cocoa Greene’s new single “Semantic Satiation” delivers a powerful ballad that leaves you wishing you would here more songs like this on the radio.

The intro, Glass Ballerina, works well with the title track to create a moving piece about love through musical storytelling. The sound design in GB is intriguing and mystical without being an unnecessary prelude to the main song of this release; it serves to bring the listener into a dream-like state that leads beautifully into Semantic Satiation.

The piano intro in “Semantic” melds well into the enchanting vocals that reverberate through your ears well after the song has ended. The tom rolls, combined with the poetry of the lyrics and delayed and layered vocals feel like you’ve been transported into another world and brings you down a rabbit-hole of emotions and into a gothic Wonderland.

Stanzas like “Darkness controls you, let me free you from this nightmare” and “Tears drip from the clouds and kindles your soul" create vivid imagery of a downtrodden beauty and a love that wishes to share in their pain and bring them closer together. This song reminds me of being in green, lush graveyard, with vines wrapping around headstones that have long since had names legible on them; there is still beauty to be found in decay.

Cocoa Greene’s latest release perfectly executes a combination of haunting lyrics, jammability, and musical showmanship reminiscent of bands like Evanescence and Muse. You can keep up with Cocoa Greene on Facebook and Bandcamp!

By Skylar Cote