Beartooth - Chicago, IL

As another amazing tour heads for Chicago, many Chicagoans were making their way downtown to get there on time. With the battle of traffic, weather, and other commuters, getting to the House of Blues for The Disease Tour on time almost felt impossible. But when it feels like the show might start without you, the burst of energy to sprint to the venue can occur, and it did.

Sylar came to the stage performing songs off their new album, Seasons. With that being said, this would also be the first time fans would be able to purchase a copy of the album early. After stating so on stage, many fans could be seen with a big smile on their face. Other attendees might have happened to hear a little burst of excitement come from a few people in the room. Regardless if people came to hear the new album or not, the Sylar fans that came out for the show were definitely having a good time. Many people who knew the words could be seen up front against the barricade screaming along. If not up front, the energy throughout the crowd was there. People were jumping, singing, and having a good time. Making a warm welcome for the following bands.

After a quick set change, Knocked Loose was up next to take on the stage. With a sound differencing from Sylar and Beartooth, Knocked Loose definitely had a handful of fans come out purely for their set. It may not have been openly said, but the actions coming from the crowd spoke for the fact. Not even a minute into their set, a pit can be seen in the middle of the crowd with fists, arms, and legs being thrown around. It was a madhouse in the center of the crowd, security was even getting concerned. From the moshing, the crowd surfing, and the overall intensity of the band’s sound made for a very appealing set. Towards the end of Knocked Loose’s performance, the band’s vocalist, Bryan Garris, asks the crowd how many of them were just seeing them for the first time. A strong majority of the room was raising their hand, bringing to question. How did the band get that much energy from the crowd? They’re just that intense.

Thanks to Sylar and Knocked Loose, Beartooth had a perfect opening for their set. The energy from the previous bands carried over smoothly and perfectly. The singing along that was happening during Sylar’s set, and the chaos during Knocked Loose’s set transferred over just one song into Beartooth’s performance. On top of the energy, the singing, and the mayhem going on. Much of the songs being played were off Beartooth’s new album, Disease, many fans already managed to know the words not even five days after the album had been released. Halfway through the set, Caleb Shomo, the vocalist of Beartooth commented on the fact and asked the crowd, “How do you guys already know the words?” The singing along only continued as Beartooth closed their set with one of their more popular songs, “In Between”. The show finished with crowd surfing, smiles, a lot of sweat and a good taste of the new Beartooth album.

Photos & Review by Tony Truty