Angels and Airwaves | Cleveland, OH

A few weeks back, we had the absolute pleasure of catching Charming Liars open for Angels and Airwaves in Cleveland, OH. Boy, was it a good one! The House of Blues was filled to the brim with eager fans, waiting for the show to begin. Charming Liars took the stage with an electrifying performance. From beginning to end, every single person in the audience was captivated by their energy. Frontman, Kiliyan Maguire, even jumped into the crowd to get closer to the hundreds of happy fans. One cannot deny the talent this band has, from their amazing riffs to insane vocals.

Angels and Airwaves took the stage shortly after and blew every fan waiting many years for their return. It was a triumphant one, for sure! There was a healthy mix of songs from each of their albums played along with some witty banter about frontman, Tom Delonge, and drummer, Ilan Rubin, taking a hiking trip. To say the show was more of an experience than a concert is an understatement.

From start to finish, this was a concert we were truly happy to be at. Both Charming Liars and Angels and Airwaves are bands that captivate whatever crowd they are placed in front of and we are so excited to see what is next for them.

Photos & Review by Chelsea Gresh