All Time Low - Detroit, MI

As someone who grew up going to All Time Low shows, there’s nothing quite like reliving it in a way that you get to capture it for everyone else to remember. On August 7th, I got the opportunity to do just that when they brought The Summer Ever After Tour alongside Dashboard Confessional & Gnash to the Masonic Temple Theater in Detroit, MI.

Gnash started the night off strong for this packed room of kids with lots of crowd interaction and dancing. As someone who went in knowing only his song “I Hate You, I Love You” from top 40 radio, it was very refreshing to see Gnash pull out a guitar for a song, as well as sample a little bit of Paramore’s “Tell Me It’s Okay” in his song with a matching title.

Up next was Dashboard Confessional. Opening up with their hit song Vindicated was the perfect move getting everybody in the theater ready for the rest of their set, which was hit after hit all night. They had the stage presence that a band opening for someone like All Time Low needs.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for. “We Will Rock You” by Queen started playing over the speakers, just a little louder than all the past songs and the lights went out. All Time Low stepped on stage and opened their set strongly with “Damned If I Do Ya” and the crowd went absolutely wild. They continued that energy through the second song, Everything Is Fine, which included confetti going off mid-song causing everyone to freak out just a little bit more. 

All Time Low always gives you a set you’re never gonna forget between the signature bra throwing the guitarist Jack Barakat, or the constant back and forth joking between all the members. It’s almost impossible to leave one of their shows without a smile on your face.

Kaitlyn JohnstonComment