3OH!3 + Emo Nite LA - Milwaukee, WI

As the rain poured down on a chilly Saturday evening, hundreds of people filled The Rave, eager to see 3OH!3. The night kicked off with a DJ playing early 2000s to current Top 40 hits. The crowd was singing along and dancing to songs such as “Yeah!” by Usher and “Congratulations” by Post Malone. The crowd really started to get excited when Emo Nite came on playing early 2000s pop-punk hits. There was not one person in the venue who wasn’t shouting the lyrics to these emblematic “emo” songs.

Little did I know, the crowd was even more hyped up for Lil Aaron. People all along the barricade were in awe over him. From starstruck fans to people who have never heard of him before, everyone was going crazy. Rightfully so, Lil Aaron puts on a great set. He was engaging with the fans by bringing them on stage and “partying” with them.

Finally, the main act, who everyone was waiting for, 3OH!3. In honor of its ten year anniversary, they played Want in its entirety. The songs the crowd really went crazy for were “DONTTRUSTME” and “RICHMAN.” After performing all of Want, the duo took a break and Emo Nite came back on for a few. The crowd kept the momentum going, and was ready when 3OH!3 returned to the stage to play their top hits such as “My First Kiss” and “Touchin On My.”

Once the show was over, the crowd still wanted more. They shouted for an encore, but 3OH!3 did not deliver. Rightfully so, the band puts on a jam-packed show, no pun intended. Everyone in the venue filed out the doors talking about how wild their night was. No one could have been disappointed in the appearance 3OH!3 made to Milwaukee last Saturday night.

Photos & review by Allie Loven