“Who the heck comes to shows in Dekalb, IL? Well I guess all of you” - The Wrecks sold out show in Dekalb IL

Sometimes you go to a show and you’re just reminded why you started doing what you do. For me, that was The Wrecks on a Monday night in Dekalb IL. You could tell just by the line outside of the venue that the sold-out House Cafe show was going to be a great one, especially with openers like The Stolen & The Orphan, The Poet.

Both The Stolen (NJ) & The Orphan, The Poet (OH) kicked the night off with a bang with sets full of energy, joking around and lots of crowd interaction. Between climbing into the crowd, bringing fans onstage for covers, and just general jumping around and stage banter.

The second The Wrecks tech Brennan started setting up the stage, you could feel the energy in the room change. It was the moment everyone was waiting for. The lights dimmed and the overhead music got louder as Sweet Caroline started playing. The Wrecks got on stage and instantly the crowd went wild as they played the first few notes of the unreleased song Wasted Youth. Not missing a single beat they followed through the whole set crowd surfing, dancing and singing along to their entire set, even during an acoustic break and cover of Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet. In the middle of the set, frontman Nick Anderson talked briefly about recording their latest EP "Panic Vertigo" and how they were pushed to go a different direction with it so it could get airtime on top 40 radio. While not sure they agreed with what they were told, they went with it. Unhappy with the final production, they reproduced the EP themselves and reminded the crowd that "Guitars don't ruin music, bad songs do" 

Towards the end of the night, they talked about how much touring they’ve done on the 8 songs that they have released between this last release and the first EP. Thanking the fans for all of their support as well as talking about starting the next album as soon as they return home and a possible change in their sound. Everybody left the venue that night with a smile on their face excited about the future of the band.

By Kaitlyn Johnston