Emmure - Chicago, IL

As another metalcore show comes to the Bottom Lounge, The Natural Born Killers Tour did not disappoint in the Slightest. Emmure, Counterparts, King 810, Varials, following support from local band, VCTMS. One thing that was evidently clear after the show was the amount of energy that was present throughout the night, beginning to end, every band had people moving, and it was nearly impossible to not leave the venue sweating. During some songs one could easily lose count of how many people were crowd surfing. Even with the heat, the crowd surfing, and occasional beer flying, whether someone was in the back or up front, everyone seemed to be shaking their head and having a good time. Counterparts and Emmure definitely stood out with their stage presence and fan interaction. Counterparts had an overwhelming amount of crowd surfers and fans swarming the stage during their last song. As well as, Emmure had just as many crowd surfers, and quite a few more people losing their mind. As a whole, the show was a success making for another quality Friday night at Bottom Lounge.

By Tony Truty