Sum 41, Seaway & Super Whatevr - Orlando, FL

This last Monday, Sum 41 rolled through Orlando, Florida on their “Does This Look Infected?” 15 year anniversary tour.


Super Whatevr opened the show and completely blew me away. Songs from their newest album “Never Nothing” (2018) brought the crowd out of their shell and was the kickstart mood for the rest of the show.


Next up was Seaway who opened up with “Best Mistake” which told those in the crowd that might not have known them that they meant business. Everything was cool (man) until they played “Shy Guys” and the energy in the room exploded.


At long last, Sum 41 took the stage. Within 30 seconds the confetti canons were blasted and everyone was taken back 15 years, hate moshing in their mom’s basement. Throughout their set they sprinkled in some covers such as Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and a few metal songs I couldn’t name but recognized and appreciated. About halfway through the set they played “Fake My Own Death” which was written back in 2002 but never made it on a record until 2016. During the entire set the anticipation built for them to play one of their most well known songs and all of that waiting paid off after two encore songs. Experiencing everyone in the crowd sing along with the same angst they must have had back in 2003 was absolutely unforgettable.


If you have the chance to catch this tour, I highly recommend you do to see punks of all ages come together to do the one thing they do best: rock.


By Erin Broxton