Knocked Loose - Chicago, IL

Since the release of their first full length album, Laugh Tracks, one cannot deny the amount of success Knocked Loose has accomplished as a band. Their progression as a band was very clear during their set in Chicago. Chaos, mayhem, violence, etc. Bottom Lounge was a madhouse from the start of Kharma to the last Knocked Loose song. Stage dives over security, bloody noses, mosh pits, you name it.

Kharma opened while bringing some new songs after the release of their first full length album, Moment of Violence. Being the local act, there was a good amount of crowd interaction. Support coming from behind the stage and in the crowd, this was another amazing set for Kharma. After a strong start from Kharma, Year Of The Knife picked up right where they left off. Opening with a dramatic sample leading into heavy hitting riff. Year Of The Knife continued to bring the heat, jumping around, throwing the mic into the crowd, and riffs to make anyone slam their own face. Jesus Piece came on quickly after along with a guest member playing bass. The bassist from Year Of The Knife joined Jesus Piece for their set and completely killed it. Without prior knowledge of knowing they were a guest, one could have thought they were in the band. Jesus Piece played a few new songs, and for the crowd not being familiar a lot of people seemed to go beyond nuts for those specific songs. Jesus Piece could have not performed any better, an amazing set with a lot of movement and interaction from the crowd. Not only an amazing set for the band, but a perfect opening for Knocked Loose. Almost hard to explain unless one was actually there, but Knocked Loose’s set that night was one to remember. One of their most memorable Chicago shows to date, Bryan even announced it on stage half way through the show. Crowd surfing constantly, people beating each other senseless in the pit, beers and waters flying, stage diving every song, audience screaming every lyric, etc. Bottom Lounge was looking like a literal madhouse for Knocked Loose’s headliner. One of the most interesting shows to come through Bottom Lounge this year.

By Tony Truty