We Came As Romans - Grand Rapids, MI

 This past Sunday for Cold Like War tour hit its last stop, Grand Rapids Michigan.

 To start things off, Tempting Fate really threw it down. Songs like “Filthy” and “I’d Rather Burn” brought incredible energy to the crowd,  they really know how to  start a show out!

 Next up was Currents. These guys were great, tons of energy and crowd interaction is nice to see. They played a high-energy set with songs like “Delusion” and “Temor” really getting the ground ready for the next act. 

 Oceans Ate Alaska also played a high-energy said it was songs from their newest record “Hikari” (2017). Songs like “Benzaiten”, “Covert” and “Hansha” donned the set list.  They sounded great, and definitely made new friends that night, they put on a great show!

 Onto The Plot In You. Their newest record “Dispose” is a mix of high and low energy  songs which the crowd loved, it seem like they needed a small break seeing How rowdy they were for the first three acts how rowdy they were for the first three acts. The set list donned songs from newest album along with a few from their album “Happiness In Self Destruction” (2015) which made an amazing set for this tour.

 To finish the night off, We Came As Romans brought the house down! The show was at a new basement venue at The Intersection in Grand Rapids Michigan.  They were a great way to really break in the new place! We came as Romans always have high energy shows, but with this new record they are even better! Drummer David Puckett and vocalist Kyle Pavone played a track from their newest album called ”Encode” that is all instrumental and it was insane! Vocalist Dave Stevens impresses me every time I see We Came As Romans, his voice gets better and better every show. Always one of my favorite bands to see, high-energy, really great guys and they treat Grand Rapids like a second home and they never disappoint! 

 By Kirsten Smith