Catch Your Breath - "Yesterday" Review

Austin, TX’s Catch Your Breath, comprised of Josh Mowery, Teddy Herrera, Tony Pena, Brian Bradley, and Joe Kripplez, recently released the music video for their newest song “Yesterday” on February 10th.

“Yesterday” is a gut-wrenching emotive song about the aftereffects of someone you held close passing away. The song talks about the regret of never saying how much someone meant to you, and how you will never have the chance again and how it could eat you alive. It continues to explore deeper into the possibility of blaming yourself for someone’s death, or how you could dwell on what you could’ve done to prevent it and how you no longer fix it.

These messages in the song, paired with the emotional yelling of Mowery and the ambient electronica, invokes a powerful somber feeling. One that stays with you long after the song is over, like how the death of a friend stays with you all your life.

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By Lucas Capps