Selective Hearing Tour - Pontiac Michigan

   On Sunday March 18th, the Selective Hearing Tour hit Pontiac Michigan. 

     To start things off, Jule Vera kept a cool vibe that really showed how talented and how close they are with one another. It was kind of unexpected to have them on this tour (being it heavier bands) but overall I think it was a great choice, the crowd really enjoyed them.

     Next up, Don Broco brought in a very high energy. They played songs off of their newest album “Technology” like “Everybody” and “Pretty”. I was blown away by their performance!

      Next but not least, I The Mighty. The band had a heavier set for this tour, and starting things off with their song “Lady Of Death” really drew some energy from the crowd. They played a lot of older songs mixed with a few new to keep a well balanced set. Brent Walsh sounded almost better live than on their records, they really set the mood for Our Last Night.

     To end the night, Our Last Night kept a high energy show most of the night. The last few songs were more emotional and really brought the crowd together. They played their cover of Logic’s song “1-800-273-8255” which the crowd loved! You can see the connection the band has with their fans during and after shows, it’s a really great thing to see how they’re just one big family. 

     Always a pleasure to see all of these bands, don’t miss out on this tour!

By Kirsten Smith