Motionless In White - Columbus, OH

Last Saturday evening Motionless In White’s Graveyard Shift toured rolled through a sold out 2,200 cap room at Express Live Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio--marking the largest show the band has had on the tour to date--bringing along such acts as Like Moths to Flames, Ice Nine Kills, and Every Time I Die, it’s no surprise that the bands were able to bring in such a heavy crowd.

Opening up the show was Columbus’ own Like Moths to Flame and there was absolutely no shortage breakdowns or love for their hometown fans. Ice Nine Kills came out next, banging the hits off of their theatricore album “Every Trick In The Book” and still slaying their set despite the absence of lead guitarist Justin DeBlieck on this tour. Every Time I Die stormed onto the stage afterwards igniting the crowd into a full on frenzy, hyping them up for headliners--Motionless in White--who delivered a “scary” good performance, playing crowd favorites “Reincarnate” and “America”; Motionless In White proves to be one of the best (and most theatrical) modern electronic metalcore bands to date.


by Bailee Logan