Pvris, Flint Eastwood & Cherry Pools - Milwaukee, WI

Pvris played at the Rave in Milwaukee, WI along side Flint Eastwood & Cherry Pool on February 27th 2018.

Cherry Pool started the night off strong with their neon stage set up, neon hair, and loads of energy. With the crowd being a fair mix of people who had heard of them before and a people who had never heard of them before, there was definitely a lot of singing and dancing around during their set. Definitely a great start to the night.

Up next was Flint Eastwood from Detroit, MI. There wasn’t a dull second after she stepped on the stage with her band announcing that Pvris sent her out to “warm up the crowd” and having them shake out their arms and legs along with her. It was an energy filled set, including moments of great crowd interaction and her jokingly calling out members of the crowd for not participating, informing that she still had 40 minutes and she would continue to do so until they were all singing along with her. There was a moment where she discusses a new song that she’s going to be playing called “Sober”, telling everyone that its not about drugs or alcohol but more about when you have someone that you’re so drunk in love with that you just need to get away from that. Talking about how pretty girls that she has crushes on intimidate her and dedicating the song to everyone who is too afraid to talk to their crush.

Up next was the well anticipated headliner, Pvris. The energy in the room as the lights went out was something that I’ll never be able to put into words. You could just feel it change. They stepped on stage with an amazing presence and an even more amazing light show. Lynn Gun had the entire crowds eyes on her as she started the set on her piano. It was definitely a night that no one will be forgetting anytime soon.

By Kaitlyn Johnston