Architects - Chicago, IL

This past Thursday, House of Blues hosted another fantastic tour package, Architects, Stick To Your Guns, and Counterparts. Even for a week night the venue was packed, and the energy was alive. As I was talking to some people by the band merch, a group of people from Europe even came out for the show, and concerts the following weekend. In terms of each bands’ performances. All three sets were incredible in their own way. Counterparts started the show on a high note with plenty of energy, and a lot of laughs in between songs. Following their newest release this past summer, You’re Not You Anymore, many people in the crowd were singing along to the new songs, as well as going crazy for the old ones like “The Disconnect”. Stick To Your Guns followed Counterparts and definitely kept the energy going. Stick To Your Guns is also playing this tour after releasing a new album, True View. The band performed amazing, as well as Jesse, the vocalist, provided insight to the crowd about real world problems we as a society can change. A very common thing for Stick To Your Guns to do in between songs. After the first two bands, the energy in the room was clear, and the heat was present as well. When Architects came on, long story short, it became a madhouse. Drinks flying, strobe lights, jumping around, crowd surfing, you name it. Not only was it an amazing set to watch, but an emotional set to take in too. Sam, The vocalist of Architects spoke several times in between songs about how beautiful the show was, and how much it meant for him and the band to be there. From a distance it looked like tears were being shed. The Doomsday tour is definitely one of the better tour packages to come through the Chicago area recently.

By Tony Truty