The Academic - Chicago, IL

The Academic played at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL on February 23rd, along side August Hotel & The 1 Class.

Shows at Beat Kitchen always have a really intimate feeling, with it being such a small staple venue for all of us who call Chicago home, which include two of the bands on tonights line up. 

The 1 Class was a strong local opener, definitely setting the mood for tonight with their very simple 2 man style consisting of Jacob Dollaske (Drums) & Chris Holben (Guitar, Bass, Vocals). 

Up next was yet another Chicago local, August Hotel. They kept the energy of the room going strong with their catchy melodies and strong stage presence. All eyes were on front man, Joe Padilla, from the second he got on stage until the last note played.

Finally, the band everyone had been waiting for. The Academic started playing and had everyone in the room dancing and singing along to Permanent Vacation. There was very little talking during the set, outside of a story that front man, Craig Fitzgerald, told about getting ID’d to go into a hotel pool the night before because the pool was 17+ and he “looks 12”. 

The Academic have been a favorite of mine and I was super stoked to get the opportunity to both see them, and photograph them tonight. Catch them on the rest of their tour, I promise you won’t regret it.

by Kaitlyn Johnston

Kaitlyn Johnston