Neck Deep - Chicago, IL

Neck Deep hit Concord Music Hall this Monday for The Peace And The Panic tour with support from Creeper, Speak Low and Seaway. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t get the chance to catch Creeper or Speak Low, but from past performances I can guarantee you won’t regret getting to the show early to see two incredible bands. 

My night started off with Canadian pop-punk band Seaway, who have always been a favorite of mine. Their set was sprinkled with songs both old and new including crowd favorites like “Shy Guy” and the majorly popular single “Lula On The Beach” off the band’s newest album. No matter what tour they’re on, these guys always manage to bring an insane amount of energy and get everyone in the room off their feet. 

Neck Deep kicked off their set with “Happy Judgement Day” from the band’s August release The Peace And The Panic. Between the crazy light show and sold out venue, it was no ordinary Monday night in Chicago. A majority of the set consisted of songs from The Peace And The Panic and Life’s Not Out To Get You, though at the end of the set singer Ben Barlow slowed things down with an acoustic rendition of “Head To The Ground” and “Wish You Were Here” (during which bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans joined in). Ken Taylor of Seaway and Hannah Greenwood of Creeper also did guest vocals for a few songs during the set. 

The night ended on a high note with an encore of “Can’t Kick Up The Roots” and “Where Do We Go When We Go”, both of which had the venue floor shaking.

Photos & words by Meagan Sullivan