Everyone Says "Fine Isn't Bad" Review

Photo by Kaitlyn Johnston

Photo by Kaitlyn Johnston

Everyone Says is starting off 2018 with a statement of a song, titled “Fine isn’t Bad.” Inspired by Pop Punk veterans such as Motion City Soundtrack and The Wonder Years, This Chicago pop punk group presents an anthem of moving on, and gaining self dependency.

Paired with some seriously catchy guitar leads and engaging upbeat rhythms, this song tells the story of one learning to live without someone on their side. “Sometimes, when we feel a strong connection to someone else we get dependent on them to feel normal” says singer Peter Hunt Szpytek. “Recognizing that you can feel fine on your own is the first step to breaking that dependency when the connection is no longer there. It’s all about realizing you can stand strong on your own.”

The chorus of this track definitely does it’s job of being memorable and hooky. Layers of guitars help to drive the rock energy and add a sense of dynamic to make the chorus feel vast. Melodically this chorus is in no way groundbreaking, but it fits in with the personality and style well. It’s just anthemic enough to encourage some great sing alongs.

Instrumentally, this song twists in ways which give a unique sense of character. Pauses and transitions give an extra bit of emotion to many of the lines, and the songs message amplifies because of them. This is done especially well with the drums of the track, which do great at helping to define the songs many sections in a creative way. Hints of that classic pop punk punchiness are definitely present in this song, but levels of dynamics between sections really help to drive home some of the songs messages.

Being the first of several singles to be released soon, this song is a great first step for this band to kick off a new era. “Fine isn’t Bad” is a good sign that Everyone Says has a shot at being a band new listeners will be more than fine with in 2018.

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Review by Matty Jiles