Counterparts "You're Not You Anymore" Review

Words by Tony Truty

When Counterparts announced their fifth full-length release, You’re Not You Anymore, many thoughts and concerns came to mind. Despite member changes since the last album, Tragedy Will Find Us, Counterparts claimed the latest release to be a balanced display of all their previous releases.
Whether it’s the hectic, catchy riffs from The Difference Between Hell & Home or the depressing, home hitting lyrics from The Current Will Carry Us, there are elements of every album compacted within You’re Not You Anymore. Counterparts' claim that the album holds styles from all previous work definitely stands; not only that, but there is so much more. With personalized lyrics, strong aggression and a unique energy, You’re Not You Anymore is more than just a take out of the band’s previous work, this is not only their most diverse album, but it’s their greatest release to date. The wait and anticipation for this album was well worth it.
When it comes to comparing the newest release to other albums, “Thieves” seems to resemble elements from previous tracks, “Slave” or “Choke”. As well as, Self titled track “You’re Not You Anymore” holds aspects from tracks like “Solace” and “Soil”. It becomes hard to find parts of the album to not like if you’ve been a fan of the band prior to this release. From front to back, there is frustration, despondency, and personalization. “Thieves” and “Rope” being on the heavier side. “Bouquet” continues to bring the bass work and remarkable fretwork together smoothly. While tracks like “Swim Beneath My Skin” and “A Memory Misread” have a compelling mix of blending aggression with dismal.
Counterparts has always had a wide variety of sound and complexity within their prior releases; and has always done a great job at producing that sound accordingly. Not just in the studio, but at shows as well. Adjectives can range from a lot of perspectives, but to say the least the melody and chaos mixed into You’re Not You Anymore is perfect.
With musical excellence in every Counterparts release, there has to be credit given somewhere. Brendan Murphy being the founding member and lyricist for Counterparts, he really does take the cake for a lot of this. That is not to discredit other members in the band in any way, however Brendan definitely does play a big role in this album and Counterparts discography as a whole.
Combining the pain of existence and the struggle of loss, these concepts are shown very heavily in tracks “Bouquet” and “Thieves”. Brendan continues to carry the torch for Counterparts, and lead the band towards further success. Lucky enough to play Warped Tour this summer, Counterparts definitely widened their fan base and brought a bigger spotlight for this release, and it was well deserved.
Counterparts, a band with not only a unique sound, but an outstanding ability to communicate emotion and frustration all in one. Chaotic, personal, and meaningful, You’re Not You Anymore is a record full of hard work and contribution between all members. At the end of the day, Counterparts really have outdone themselves. If you have time to check out this album, and you’re a fan of heavy hitting lyrics and riffs. It is in your best interest to check out You’re Not You Anymore.