Sleeping With Sirens - Chicago, IL - 09.08.17

First up the Australian band Chase Atlantic with their catchy and energetic performance caught the attention of the attendees.  The crowd easily got caught into the band’s performance being they were just the opening.

Then Palaye Royale took the stage. Not a surprise that the band was a crowd’s favorite. You could feel the energy fill the room even before the band hit the stage. The band tried to make the crowd feel part of the performance

The White Noise hit the stage and there was just a different type of energy in the room. Although not everyone in the room was familiar with the band they were able to catch the attention with the amount of the energy brought on stage with the band. Shawn Walker the vocalist didn’t seem to be a big fan of the stage as he repeatedly come down from the stage to get a close up with fans and have them join in to sing along. Without a doubt the band is a band everyone will enjoy to watch.

Lastly , the moment the whole room awaited for , Sleeping With Sirens took the stage. The crowd eagerly waiting for this moment, then the lights dimmed and the crowd went wild.  Not only did the band wowed the crowd they also wanted them to feel like there were part of something bigger. Throughout the performance no much pushing took place until the encore song hit the fans decided it was now or never to let loose being it was the last chance they had.

By Rosario Gutierrez