This Wild Life, A Will Away - Chicago, IL - 07.11.17

This Wild Life
A Will Away

Words and Photos by Anyssa Lira

In theatre, there is a saying that goes "there are no small parts, only small actors." The same applies in a concert. There are no small performances, only small venues. This was definitely the case for A Will Away's performance with This Wild Life in Chicago last month. 
Lincoln Hall is a venue that only holds 507 people. It is cozy and intimate, with beautiful acoustics. Therefore, it was a pleasant sight when A Will Away hit the stage in front of a packed-full room and a very intrigued crowd. Their set was not the longest, but it was still home to witty remarks and laughter among the room. Playing a combination of a few familiar tracks off of Bliss, and a good amount of their new album, Here Again, the band made an impression on Chicago with their beautiful instrumentals and harmonies. 
Throughout the band's set, the amount of feet tapping and heads nodding along in time with the music grew with each song. The guys' ability to banter with the crowd also gave them an extra push that made their performance memorable. At one point, both vocalists, Matthew and Collin, cracked jokes about the Cubs, and about Shrek, and as one thing led to another, the entire crowd was suddenly singing along to All Star by Smash Mouth as the band tuned their instruments. 
Needless to say, their warm sense of humour and their smiles topped all, and for that reason, it would not be a surprise to see A Will Away headlining a near sold-out show of their own very soon.