Early June "Dreamers" Review

Early June is a three-piece alternative rock band from Naperville, IL. On June 9th they released a four track EP called Dreamers. The EP is full of catchy riffs, claps, and choruses sure to please their fans and translate really well to a live performance. The first track, “All We Have” caught me on the chorus, with it’s arena-style, big sound reminiscent of the newer stuff from bands like All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens. This track is perfect for a crowd to sing along to. The dreamy synths near the end of the bridge are a pleasant surprise that add to the overall feel of the album.


“Whispers” is dramatically different than the first track and kind of gave me a “Riot!” era Paramore feel. Matt Slack’s catchy bass line during the second chorus was one of my favorite parts of this track, and like most of the rest of the album, the breakdown was extremely catchy and dancy. Also, the lyric “I can’t wait to be everything you hate about me. I’m not sorry,” delivered by vocalist Nikki Springstroh, really stood out to me. Listening to this song after a break up or the end of a friendship or relationship would be really therapeutic. The catchiness doesn’t stop on Dreamers’ third track, “Meant For You,” which starts with a fun guitar hook that could be straight out of the early 2000’s pop punk scene. 


However the stand out track on this EP is the last one, “Stay With Me.” It begins with powerful drums and heavy guitar, and once Springstroh starts singing, I’m reminded of the early 2000’s again, and all the alternative pop greatness of Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne. And I could see myself dancing around my room and punching the air to this song, just like I did back then. I love the varying speeds between the verses and the chorus, and I could really see this as the crowd pleaser at an Early June show. The music creates movement, and the instrumental breakdown followed by the buildup of music and Nikki’s voice as she chants “Stay with me,” is really effective. This song is the strongest on the album, musically and lyrically, and it’s definitely been added to my Spotify playlist.


I can’t wait to see Early June perform some of these songs live and take it all in. If you want a fun end-of-summer album to sing along to in the car, you should definitely check out Dreamers.


 by Meredith Szturm