Better Love - Chicago, IL - 07.07.2017

Better Love
Safe Bet
Jaclyn Heuser
Evolution Music / Chicago, IL / July 7, 2017


The night kicked off with My Friend Johnny, an acoustic one piece, who sang songs of his own as well as covers. Next, Jaclyn Heuser, who is also part of City Mouth, performed her acoustic set. Jaclyn definitely helped loosen the crowd up, for all the cheering she received was exhilarating. By the end of her set she had managed to lose her voice, making the point that one should always warm up their voice before hand. Now that the crowd was sitting comfortably, Safe Bet only helped loosen the crowd even more. Gino had the crowd singing and swaying to his melodies, hyping them up for the introduction of Better Love’s very first show. Prior to Better Love was Pine, a five-piece from Canada, who played a very short set consisting of 4 songs. However, no matter the quantity, the quality of their sound was so unique. Pine consisted of a more slow, calming setting-which blew the crowd away and managed to have the crowd fall in love with their sound. Last, but not least, Better Love played an eight song set list, featuring songs of his own, as well as a cover of The Killer’s hit “When You Were Young”, which amped up the crowd before ending his show with his two singles, “Absence” and “Bluebird”.

Overall, Better Love’s first show had been one to never forget. Bradley was very humble toward his audience, and had been in complete awe at the amount of people who had shown up to support him. Make sure you don’t sleep on him, Better Love is definitely going places.

Words and Photos by Anyssa Lira