A New Era of Metalcore, Hardcore Rising

In the past few years, it has seemed like pop punk has been the reigning genre on labels like Hopeless Records and Fearless Records. However, in the past year or so, there has been a visible surge in hardcore and metalcore bands to the front. The most recent of these is Varials announcing their signing to Fearless Records, accompanied by a releasing new music video and announcing their first full-length album, Pain Again, coming out August 11. 
Along with Varials' recent signing, Fearless also signed Sworn In, who dropped their third album, All Smiles, about a week ago. On top of these two signings, there has been a big shift in demographic for the Vans Warped Tour. In previous years, the tour has branched out to include many more pop punk and pop influenced artists. This year, however, the tour has shifted back to focus on more hardcore, metalcore, and metal outfits. They have not ruled out pop punk completely - there are still bands like Neck Deep on the tour - but they have definitely boosted the amount of heavier artists on the tour. Underdogs like Knocked Loose (signed to Pure Noise last summer), who are currently on the Full Sail Stage, have been drawing a significant crowd every day of the tour, alongside more well-known artists like Stick To Your Guns and Silverstein. There is a new storm brewing in alternative music, and it is one that has been seen before. Hardcore and metalcore are coming back to the forefront, and a new generation of artists is gaining traction in the alternative community.