Tigers Jaw, Saintseneca - Chicago, IL 6.15.17

Tigers Jaw brought their tour for the new album “Spin” to the Metro in Chicago, IL along with Saintseneca & Smidley.


To be honest, going into the show that night I had never heard of Saintseneca before. Leaving the show, I added them to my apple music profile because I was honestly obsessed. They had the perfect mix of hard hitting emo lyrics, incredible harmonies and an indie folk vibe.


The second Tigers Jaw stepped on to the stage you could feel the energy of the entire room change. The casual chatter you could hear over the music playing in the background stopped and all eyes were glued to the stage. Not being ones to talk a bunch on stage, they started the set out strong with “Follows” and flowed very smoothly through the hour-long set with the crowd screaming along.